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Frances’ clients have identified what makes the difference for them -


France White what distinguishes me from other coaches

  • much, much more experience in business coaching than others in any market


  • much more business focused approach than others more life coaching approach


  • lots of international experience so can work with multi-national, multi-cultural teams or individuals


  • lecturing coaching and modelling skills enables a deep understanding of enabling new mental models to be well understood and integrated - people “get” the complex stuff when she coaches


  • makes things simple to understand and makes them seem not difficult or scary or unpalatable to do when taken one step at a time


  • holds people to their values but does not impose hers


  • high energy and challenging, you can’t hide or get off the hook or fob her off


  • sometimes so gentle and supportive you feel safe to open up all sorts of previously hidden things


  • she makes me feel I can be more of the person I aspire to be, she believes in me


  • never seems to be using ‘techniques’ or tools on me, it always feels like a conversation of two partners


  • broad range of learning so like a walking virtual library of models and stories


  • commercial enough to keep up with our most important business values but whilst still holding us to account on the human stuff


  • her cultural orientations framework was really useful with a big team experiencing an inability to really connect with each other


  • her linguistics stuff is awesome - she makes it sound easy too - I felt I understood myself much better when she explained how people think and do things but without giving me labels

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