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High performing teams

Frances White Team Coaching

Coaching a whole team has many business benefits and is in some ways more cost effective than individual interventions. A high performing team is something that most want to be part of and most leaders want to achieve but it is not always easy to work out how to get - and keep - the team in that peak flow state.

Regular team sessions

A monthly or quarterly coaching session is ideal, as with individuals, depending on the process outcomes and the current state of the business. Team coaching can be very powerful when combined with individual sessions for some or all team members, so there is both a shared level of accountability and saying things openly in the shared forum, combined with some confidentiality and personal disclosure in one to one sessions.

Team understanding

Often, a team wishes first to explore their team process - how they discuss important topics, process new information, share diverse perspectives and views, come to decisions, measure success against their outcomes and hold each other accountable for the things they say they will do or uphold. There is much that is assumed about how teams work and only when the dynamic is not working so well do teams come to consider how they do things together.  

Team relationships

Teams also usually want to explore their relationships - how they communicate most effectively and productively, how they ensure that even difficult topics are raised on their agenda, how they can address any areas of discomfort rather than avoiding those elephants in the room, how they stay connected and aligned even whilst operating in quite different areas of responsibility or sometimes geographies.

Team dynamics

All of this can be tough to raise and discuss though many individuals may be experiencing dissatisfaction or frustration with some team members or with the team dynamic. It does not seem business critical but often the impact of poor relationships or poor team process can seriously hold the team back and diminish its ability to achieve peak performance.

Team challenge

The coaching can raise all of these tough areas and can give feedback and challenge things from a non-judgemental and agenda-free perspective, as with individual coaching sessions. Coaching will create a safe and supportive environment in which to be more challenging and open and the coach can use techniques to focus the team on areas they may otherwise avoid.

Team learning

Sometimes, a team may want to learn or explore different skills or approaches - the coach can create the best environment for the team to learn together and agree how they will implement new skills or agreed strategies. They may wish to explore different leadership perspectives or thinking, discuss another organisation’s approach to doing something. Frances has designed and facilitated team coaching sessions for a range of different outcomes and can bring a new approach to every session, as the team learns and grows - the team will determine the outcomes and can set the pace and agenda for their development.

Team building

Any team intervention at all, even a one off single event, when facilitated by an expert coach can have additional team relationship and process benefits - often referred to as “team building”. Sometimes teams may have experienced high levels of change and leaders want to build the sense of team shared identity and vision; sometimes the leader may wish to change something about how the team works together or thinks about its purpose and value added; sometimes it may need to consider how to deliver a bigger set of objectives in a more stringent environment.

Team coaching can address these and many other complex outcomes, building over time, depending on the excellent relationship with the coach to help to facilitate the toughest discussions.


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