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Coaching Structure and ProcessThe coaching process begins with exploring the current state, including describing any “problems” , key stakeholder relationships, leadership approach and vision, any personal anxieties or fears, any feedback that has been gathered both recent and historic, individual career aspirations and core values. We then work on creating compelling outcomes, including a strong vision for the desired outcome state and the key measures of return on investment.

We then figure out strategies for achieving those outcomes, using any models that inform or help with that process - such as Covey’s Seven Habits, Senge’s learning organisation principles, Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence or EQ profile, MBTI profile or other psychometrics that will have meaning for the process. Often clients just tell stories and generate different perspectives for themselves.

We identify clear measures of success and consider any important stakeholders on whom this work should have noticeable impact. We capture how specific business objectives should be impacted positively by the coaching outcomes being achieved. We agree a relevant review process, which may include interviewing team members, direct reports or bosses in order to get feedback that may help to shape the process and our thinking.

Often we have a three way conversation with the line manager at this point, to check for alignment of outcomes and purpose, as well as gain additional feedback and perspectives on the current state.


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