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  • Frances has worked as a Leadership and Team Coach, as well as designing and delivering learning for Leaders for the past 25 years - and experience really does count. Building on an early career in international business development, which gives her a strong commercial eye, her wide range of qualifications including a Masters from Ashridge Business School as given her a deep understanding of how people think, behave and communicate. She is known for her direct and business focused approach to coaching and learning, honed through years of working with over 250 Board members and Senior Teams across all industry sectors and functions. She works internationally, working in Dubai every month and other countries periodically, including Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia.

    >> What makes the Difference...

  • Her coaching style is pragmatic, strategic, thoughtful and challenging, infused with energy, stories and humour, which engages individuals and teams in the fascinating and inspiring process of changing the quality of what they achieve. She specialises in helping Leaders to think differently, understand themselves and their habits and patterns of thinking and behaving, to communicate more powerfully, understand and share a compelling narrative to get different results. Her Team Coaching, modelled partly on her years’ experience as a sports team coach, gets teams performing at their very best and supports the Leader in sustaining this alignment and energy.

  • In addition, Frances has been designing and facilitating structured programmes of business transition, culture change and leadership development, as well as helping to resolve conflict and tension in teams - which has enabled her to get multi-million pound projects back on track. Her Masterclasses are known for achieving high levels of engagement, participation and energy which facilitates learning and generates a sustainable commitment to changing behaviours as a result. Her conference speaking has connected her widely to big audiences where she is known for injecting energy and focus to events, leveraging those opportunities to create business impact and learning.

  • Frances works with clients in UK, Europe, Dubai and Singapore, she writes for several business publications worldwide and speaks at events. She was a senior tutor on an MSc in Coaching programme for Portsmouth University. She graduated Master in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Business School and she runs high level Leadership Coaching Skills Masterclasses, along with other Masterclass events. Frances is an Accredited Ashridge Coach, Accredited APECS Coach and is qualified in Transactional Analysis and a range of other relevant models of psychology. Learning is always high on her own agenda, she recently qualified in Cultural Orientations Framework and she is also furthering her qualifications in Coaching Supervision.

Soundbites - Recent Client Assignments

  • CEO in Banking - moving to a new regional role to sort out a flagging business, coaching helped him to form and stick to clear strategies plus work on key stakeholder relationships
  • Global COO - taking on a dual role in Russia and UK has been challenging, coaching is helping him to focus on priorities and influence more strongly in a very different culture
  • Global Head of Technology - helping her to drive her strategy through developing her team, engaging with mostly disaffected staff and creating a clear and inspiring vision - this has enabled this introvert leader to feel stronger, share her vision and present more confidently
  • Marketing Director - coaching has helped her thinking and focus to enable her to manage two teams, create a collaborative culture and deliver greater performance with less budget in a changing market

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  • Time, workload and stress
    Time, workload and stress The theme of insufficient time to achieve an ever-growing insurmountable mountain of tasks, projects and initiatives is such a common part of many coaching sessions. Who knew that working longer and longer hours to “get on top of things” would not be a sustainable solution? The following story is just one illustration of how this can affect people. Paul’s story Paul is a Director in a large firm and his line manager hopes that they will be able to offer…

Areas of particular focus

  • Business transformation
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Developing strategic thinking
  • Powerful networking
  • Working with the politics
  • Managing senior stakeholders
  • Successful influencing
  • Board facilitation and strategy
  • Communication style and impact
  • Getting more done - mastering your time


"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself."  Galileo

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