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Networking, Politics and Influencing - Frances White Executive CoachOne things that most aspiring leaders want to improve, is how they network, influence the thinking and strategy of the business as a whole, gain support for their ideas and build networks that will support their career development. Related to this, something that many leaders complain about is that they don’t like the politics in the business or the team, that they themselves don’t want to “be political” but it seems unfair that their ideas are not heard simply because they don’t mix with the right people.

Because organisations are communities of people, there will of course be places where power is held and used. It is understanding and using this power that is politics - the acquisition and application of power in order to effect a desired outcome. For some, this has a negative connotation but it is an inevitable part of human systems and when we are aligned in our values and have a shared set of outcomes that are for the good of the community, when those with power are in service to the organisation, politics is a useful dynamic.

Coaching can help leaders to work out -

  • what their individual purpose is in serving the success of the organisation
  • how they wish to influence the shape and direction for the future
  • who is important to connect with and influence in order to have that impact
  • what the nature of great networking means
  • how to manage their agenda in ways that are meaningful, have integrity and are connected to the success of the business
  • how they wish to promote their own career interests at the same time
  • creating influencing strategies that are based on win-win
  • understanding how to identify and communicate their “brand” or sense of identity and values

All of these things are tough to figure out alone with but in the trusting environment created in coaching sessions, leaders can explore this with their coach and develop really effective strategies for building their networks over time, leveraging these networks in service of their purpose and influencing the stakeholders whom they recognise to be important both in the short and longer term.


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