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Developing True Collaboration - Frances White Executive CoachCollaboration is what many organisations aspire to achieve, usually because they want to leverage diversity across a multi-national, multi-geographical, multicultural organisation. Collaboration is billed as being able to generate new synergies so that resources are maximised and the organisation is more efficient. Collaboration can also bring greater creativity, it can be a process that stimulates new thinking and ideas. It should increase productivity and get things done faster.

Conversely, lack of collaboration is normally experienced as lack of synergy, people obstructing one another or holding back information and ideas that would be helpful if shared, lack of shared vision or objectives that are not harmonised and therefore people in one area of the business may feel torn between conflicting agendas.

Teaching the principles and talking about the benefits of collaboration rarely make the difference - people hold onto their ways of doing things or protect their ‘turf’ not for rational reasons but for powerfully motivated ego needs. They can be facilitate to think and, more importantly to behave differently when involved in a process that is constructed and designed to help them to let go of these old territorial boundaries. Frances has worked in this field for many years and still finds this to be an area which is highly beneficial for organisations.

Frances has a great deal of experience working with international groups of companies where teams are virtual, collaborating and partnering in matrix structures across many distances and cultures, making communication and alignment even more challenging. Coaching is in principle a listening and building intervention, so always helps all parts of the whole to become more integrated to achieve important, purposeful outcomes.

Usually, facilitating collaboration is a combination of creating strong connections through relationships and listening, then creating shared compelling outcomes and vision that make real sense to all parties in very practical, tangible ways. It is through shared meaning that people become at their most creative and resourceful and it is this state that coaching can truly facilitate.


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