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Coaching is an approach that is suitable for many different ways of working with people.

The principles are that the coach -

  • is not there to know the answers but will facilitate your thinking to come up with your own
  • is not the expert but will help through the relationship to bring out the very best in you and your expertise
  • will challenge your thinking whilst supporting your endeavours
  • does not have any other agenda nor serve any other purpose than your greater success, however you measure that

The coaching relationship therefore can include many interventions, including the one to one sessions with which most of us are familiar or for running workshops or Masterclasses. It can also span many aspects of corporate performance, focusing on specific areas in which to facilitate some improvement or change or simply to give new perspectives.

Coaching and leadership

Coaching work with leaders often focuses on setting an inspiring vision, deciding and reviewing strategies, managing key stakeholder relationships and leading their teams effectively to deliver those plans. Leaders often want to be more effective and impactful when coaching their own teams and developing talent, offering more than solutions and fighting fires, providing learning and wisdom to inspire peak performance.

Leadership coaching requires an approach that is focused on those aspects of their performance that will enable the rest of the organisation to grow and develop. It is also important to help leaders to explore their thinking, challenge them to provide new insights and innovative strategies to develop the business and influence the direction of the organisation.

Coaching and teams

Coaching a whole team has many business benefits and is in some ways more cost effective than individual interventions. A high performing team is something that most want to be part of and most leaders want to achieve but it is not always easy to work out how to get - and keep - the team in that peak flow state. Regular sessions with the team coach can be extraordinarily helpful both to the team, to work out how they want to work together better and get better results, also to the leader to help create alignment, purpose, shared vision and shared measure of success.

With leadership teams, coaching can combine these, helping the team to work better and also address how the team is leading the business, being great role models, setting direction and clear goals, developing and coaching, managing the agenda so that the workload is challenging but not daunting and communicating these things effectively and powerfully.

Coaching and Masterclasses

Coaching can be very effective when used to facilitate learning in workshops or Masterclasses. These are different from training courses - in Masterclasses, new approaches or skills are explored, practised and deconstructed in order to facilitate better understanding and true mastery. Usually the group will not be learning something completely new but will be deepening their mastery and innovating when they use it.

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