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Board Facilitation and Strategy PDF Print E-mail

Board facilitation and Strategy - Frances White Executive CoachA Board usually consists of a group of leaders, each potentially with their own powerbase, their constituency, their agenda. Often Board members are not viewed as leading together as a strong team at the peak of their game. Often unwittingly, they are not always creating the experience in the business that they would like, in order to attain the success they desire. It is really important to be seen by people as inspiring, cohesive as a team, and very clear about the priorities and values. When issuing commands about how they want people to behave or what they want people to achieve, it is really powerful to be actually demonstrating the qualities and approach that supports what they say.

Board Directors often get little or no real feedback on how people in the business see them. They do not really often invite honest feedback and it can be a risky thing to give feedback to those at the very top. Coaching them as a team - and sometimes some of them as individuals - can be an extremely powerful intervention for the business as a coach is in a position nobody else can attain, being neutral and external and having a remit to challenge the thinking and facilitate greater understanding and awareness of the impact they are all having.

Many Boards spend time each year going away to consider strategy, vision or values. It is really important on these valuable occasions to make the most of the opportunity to be really honest and have some straight talking about behaviours, role modelling and relationships as well as the priorities, messages and business metrics. A coach can enable much more to be achieved through giving more honest feedback, facilitating greater awareness, developing the leaders’ great emotional intelligence.

Frances has worked with many Boards in this way, as a team coach with a high level of trust from individual Directors that enable them to work together more closely and get to the difficult or uncomfortable stuff that can often be avoided on their own. This can make all the difference.


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