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Preparing for Promotion PDF Print E-mail

Preparing for PromotionStepping up a level can be a real challenge - moving from being a manager to being a leader or moving from leading a team of 50 to one of 500 or taking on a broader remit or geography - there are many ways in which you need to re-think what you do and come up with completely new strategies for how you spend your time.

Some instinctively work this out but many do not and at this time having coaching is a vital support that can greatly accelerate the pace of getting into the new role, prioritising is most important, creating strategies for developing their team and inspiring great performance and working through how the business will achieve success that first year.

For some, there may yet be a preparation process in order to fulfil criteria and be interviewed for the promotion, so coaching can help to build necessary confidence, help the individual to become clearer about what his or her leadership proposition will be and help with presentation style. For others they have achieved the promotion and now need to get to grips with what that entails, whilst feeling that the spotlight is on them and they may well be now managing people who were previously peers.

Frances has coached hundreds of people through this process and combines that experience with a practical approach to mapping out key priorities, deciding what kind of leader the individual wants to be, a structured plan for developing a great team and working out how to behave in alignment with that vision.


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