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Coaching Teams - Frances White Executive CoachA team that is stuck, or underperforming, that may have personality clashes or may not have ‘gelled’ after changes in structure can be a serious business risk. Often the leader’s skills do not lie in managing relationships and so frustration with the team can make things even worse.  In this situation, often the leader seeks to re-structure the shape of the team to create more alignment and resolve boundary clashes between individuals - but usually this is just a distraction from the real issue which is creating good team working.

Some teams have done well and are now looking for inspiration or energy after a really busy or challenging period, or perhaps just need some fine tuning to keep them ahead of the game. There are many reasons for team interventions and Frances has provided lots of approaches to help high and low performing teams to get to a new level of performance. She has worked with around 160 teams to date.

Roughly the same principles apply as for working with individual leaders, with the addition of some team dimensions -

  • facilitating team awareness
  • exploring and improving team communication both within and outside meetings
  • reviewing the impact the team’s processes are actually having on their shared and individual objectives
  • creating channels for better feedback
  • improving specific relationships within the team that are holding back the team’s success
  • exploring the team dynamics or patterns and developing greater emotional intelligence about how to support and sponsor each other more in order to create a strong relationship platform from which to challenge behaviours or poor performance

Other areas that are often useful to explore within team coaching, are -

  • reviewing and reflecting from a ‘big picture’ view rather than obsessing over operational details
  • stimulating them to challenge ‘sacred cows’ and generate or consider new ideas
  • governance and more effective decision making strategies
  • resolving “boundary” issues, especially where there are matrix structures

Frances also continues to work with sports teams, which provides a rich source of learning about how people achieve collective success whilst also providing for individual stars, balancing competitiveness and collaboration to best effect.


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