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Mastering your Time - Frances White Executive CoachOne of the themes that dominates people’s thinking is time - how can I “find more time”, how can I get more done with less time, how can I get on top of the mountain of things I have to do. Of course, whole shelves of books have been written on this subject, which is a reflection of how much in recent years we have become stuck in a pattern of working longer and longer hours to achieve more and more tasks. The email and Blackberry addiction has added to the stress people experience constantly, which detracts from their being able to perform at their best.

Part of the hamster-wheel effect is the addictive nature of adrenalin - we rush around fighting fires, becoming heroes when we put one out, staying later and later into the night to do this, accepting diaries with back to back meetings all day with no breaks and so on - all of which stimulates us to be producing adrenalin to keep going and to keep us alert to the ‘threat’ of failure. The effect of this is draining and in the long term pretty detrimental not only to our health and wellbeing but also to our ability to be operating efficiently and making the best decisions. So we put our business goals at risk by not being in a good physical, emotional or intellectual state when we make business-critical decisions.

Coaching can help people to break the cycle and get back to operating at peak flow state. Coaching can first of all be the only place where the individuals are forced to “press pause” and stop to consider and reflect on what they are choosing. It requires them to take responsibility for the choices they make rather than feeling increasingly like a victim of the circumstances. The coach has conversations with them about what kind of balance would be better, what the impact of the time-poor state really is and how they might want to change some small things to achieve more.

Of course, there is no such thing as “finding more time” but coaching helps people to prioritise better, to develop conscious disciplines about how to manage their time more effectively, including saying no to some meetings or activities, spending more time developing relationships that will facilitate greater progress, learning to delegate effectively and let go of control.

Often reading a book is enough for some people to change their approach but more and more people just don’t have time to read that book. Coaching helps to put you back in control of how you use your time to best effect for yourself, your role, your team and your business.


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