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Coaching Conferences - Frances White Executive CoachWhen the community comes together in a large forum to share thinking, create new ideas, hear about and celebrate shared successes and connect with each other, it is such an amazing opportunity to influence the “zeitgeist” and sow the seeds for future success. Connecting is an extremely important part of human community behaviour - you will often hear people saying that the best part of any conference is the coffee breaks when people get to network.

A coaching approach to the whole process of defining, creating and preparing people for the conference can reap huge rewards and using the coaching approach to design and facilitate the sessions also has high learning and connecting impact.

Frances is a highly skilled conference designer and facilitator, experienced in enabling small and large groups of individuals to create shared strategies, agree ways forward, generate new thinking, overcome difficulties or conflicts from the past and achieve their vision. They may be part of the same organisation or not, the approach of ‘clean’ facilitation works to enable engagement and dialogue in order to achieve something important to all members. This could be any kind of gathering for a shared purpose, large or small.

Frances has designed the structure and process for large conferences and other group events and uses many different approaches, including Open Space Technology, Storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry. She also leads and facilitates key sessions, linking with other speakers, keeping the process on track, making connections for people and generating the right levels of energy and engagement.

Her energy and instinct for what enables people to truly learn and engage differently are key factors in making the investment in the event really pay dividends in performance afterwards. She was also selected to be part of an international facilitator team for the Implementation Conference and the UN Earth Summit in Johannesburg 2002.


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