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Communicating with Impact - Frances White Executive CoachLeadership involves communicating great messages, an inspiring vision, complex strategies, rules and values, direction and priorities - all sorts of things to teams of people, large and small. It is also important for leaders to articulate the story of what the organisation has achieved and where it is going next, with energy, conviction and focus. Leaders often find that they simply do not feel naturally equipped to communicate in even large meetings where the group is not familiar or where the topic is not their technical comfort zone.

They also need to be able to engage people in small but significant forums where key stakeholders want them to have immediate and lasting impact. Coaching can help them to be clearer about their story, to create techniques for themselves to create and remember those important stories and to manage their state so that they feel confident enough to be resourceful and calm. The rest is practice but often great thinkers never get to influence the business simply because they do not have the communication style necessary to articulate clearly to others.

Frances has had great success in this field, coaching individuals at the top of their game but for whom this is their enduring bugbear, coaching leaders for whom this is really now holding them back, coaching leaders for whom this is essential in order to even achieve the next level of success. Confidence is clearly a big issue for most but also clarity of process in how to prepare and create the story.

Frances also coaches individuals in the art and magic of presenting, using video and live feedback as well as other coaching methods to encourage and inspire more charisma, focus and passion. She has worked with Neil Mullarkey, Founder Member of the renowned Comedy Store Players, who uses improvisation techniques to help people in business environments to let go, learn how to say yes and open their minds to new possibilities.

Frances has also worked with Faculty in the financial sector to improve their training and teaching skills, presenting complex information in ways that students will find easier to integrate.


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