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Leveraging Diversity - Frances White Executive Coast

Diversity is a challenge for many businesses and regions because the mix of people determined by location and circumstance does not always create the best possible foundation for a strong community. People tend to stick together with those who are most like them. Cultural, national, gender, age, experience, corporate - all these types and more can cause more sense of being different than sense of unity and common purpose.

Often organisations involved in a merger, for example, will try to impose one culture onto another, hoping to iron out any differences or legislate for how things should be done to fit with the prevailing rules or practices. This usually leads at least to deep resentments and dysfunctional behaviours, often misunderstandings and frustrations abound. By working with teams or individuals to better understand and leverage their differences, they can be used to create an approach that works for all.

Frances is trained in Cultural Orientations Framework, a method devised by Dr Philippe Rosinski, based on extensive research of all the existing frameworks, such as Hofstede and Trompenaars and extending and updating the models. This is a highly practical and robustly constructed model used for looking at the differences between cultures and giving a framework for working out differences and then finding ways to leverage those, rather than trying to eliminate them.

Frances has a history of growing up in many different cultures in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and combined this with experience working with different corporate, industry, functional and national cultures in business. This latest professional development is focused on using coaching and trans-cultural modelling to facilitate greater collaboration and cultural diversity within modern organisations.


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