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Engaging for High Performance - Frances White Executive CoachSometimes, teams or individuals have got themselves into some kind of conflict or slipped into “jobsworth” mentality where they are not energised or inspired and are blocking attempts to work with them more effectively. They are often playing a key role in the operation and are too costly to remove or work around. They are often seen or described as “difficult” and it may be that one or two individuals are singled out as being leaders of these types of behaviour.

Sometimes the organisation as a whole is suffering from lack of engagement - this may be reflected in a survey or measured through high attrition rates of staff or customers. There are large scale interventions for this costing millions - but at the heart of it is a loss of sense of identity or connection with the managers, leadership or even brand. Businesses are communities. They exist as people have come together in often very large numbers to achieve something collectively. They are not things but are dynamic, human systems.

Coaching leadership or management teams in this situation is incredibly releasing. Approaching it from a practical perspective, this starts with gathering and giving extensive feedback - not just surveys but all the feedback in what you notice in the business that reveal or indicate that things are not as connected or flowing as well as they could be. Coaching then enables the teams or leaders to make sense of this, to consider things from a systemic view, to look at what is persisting that is causing people to feel disengaged and reflect that in their behaviours. It considers the financial and business impact of that disengagement and creates the motivation to change some things in order to achieve a better performance.

Frances has been used to help un-stick teams that have become locked into unproductive behaviours, she has helped to get large outsourced projects back on track; she has also been instrumental in designing the key elements at the front end of M&A programmes of change and implementation that facilitate rapid integration. As a coach, her creativity and focus on the outcome state are key to enabling more rapid acceptance and development of new behaviours.

Frances has devised processes and a coaching approach to releasing frustrations and resentments so that the team or individuals can get excited about their work again, look forward to working better with colleagues, be inspired by a vision of success that resonates for them and therefore be able and willing to commit to behaviours and practices that are productive and helpful. This will always involve leadership, it is always systemic and it is usually much simpler to change than people have come to believe.


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