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Business Transformation - Frances White Executive CoachIt is the way the programmes are designed that makes the difference to lasting, sustainable change that has engaged enough of the right people throughout and that has maintained the right pace. As Harvard Business Review recently pointed out (Feb 2010), transformations must be bold and rapid to succeed. A coach can push, stimulate, motivate, energise and help to get things moving where the management team alone will often falter, lose confidence and trust in the process or people, avoid risk, not engage with people and lose focus. A coach will keep you on the hook and not let things slip back into comfortable old habits.

Coaching essentially facilitates sustainable change from within, so this organic and systemic approach has worked well in many programmes of organisational change. Whether the business is downsizing, rebranding, merging or expanding, the impact on the people in the organisation is often not well predicted. Most often, the desired benefits from the changes are never realised because the leadership team does not engage with the right things at the right time and in a well-aligned, collaborative way.

As a coach to this process, Frances has designed and facilitated interventions, programmes and workshops covering a broad range of issues to support the rapid understanding, acceptance and implementation of change initiatives. These provide a structured framework with creative approaches to establish stimulating environments that will unlock natural apprehension and resistance to stimulate engagement and facilitate faster results. It starts with the Board or leadership team and getting them engaged with the insight, understanding and thinking that will create flexible, powerful strategies to get things moving on.

It also includes group process facilitation, experiential learning, facilitations skills training and change and transition programmes that focus on the people aspects of change.


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