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Working across international cultures - Frances WhiteFrances has worked for businesses that cover most of the globe and has spent time living and working in many different parts of the world. This includes Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East. She is trained in cross cultural working, has limited knowledge of various different languages and has qualified in Cultural Orientations Framework, the most up to date approach to analysing and leveraging cultural differences.

Frances understands the confusion, frustration and miscommunication that frequently occur when organisations work across different cultural patterns. These are not just nationality based but can also include different corporate cultures, generational-based norms, functional cultural patterns and industry sector cultures. She works with teams and individuals to create paths forward that honour diversity and get the best from all to achieve shared goals.

This has been particularly important working with customer service and expectations, with mergers and acquisitions across corporate and international cultures and with off-shoring aspects of an organisation’s operation.

Frances focuses primarily on coaching and helping organisations to deal with changing markets, new challenges for leaders and on bringing together different cultures and leveraging the diversity that this can bring to the workplace.


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