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Diversity in Industry Sectors Frances WhiteFrances has experience in many different industries, including banking, telecommunications, service, pharmaceuticals, publishing, airline, travel, advertising, retail, IT, hotel & leisure, television production, healthcare, education and local government.

In particular, this means she has an understanding of the jargon, the business levers, the history and traditions and “the way we do things” in that sector. This is important for working with both individuals and teams, to get a head start in knowing where their thinking is and how they see things. People in each sector usually believe that they have a particular way of approaching things which sets them apart from others and therefore must be understood. Knowing their industry gives credibility and advances the depth of trust and communications.

It also helps to have worked with engineers, as “we engineers think a particular way”, as well as with people who work in media, who see themselves as being “more creative thinkers and very different”, people in finance who have a particular “style and culture of working” - and so on.


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